Unold 48820

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Unold 48820

Unold: Pozostałe małe AGD do kuchni

Ice cream is always the right titbit! At any season! And if its prepared in your own kitchen: great! Home made ice cream from pre-cooled ingredients can be prepared in about 30 minutes in the ICE CREAM MAKER Snow. And then you can savour about 1 litre of ice cream. The advantage of home made ice cream: you know what you have put in. Individual ingredients are transformed into delicacies. And the ICE CREAM MAKER Snow meets also the requirements of special diets: you can easily prepare vegan, lactose free and stevia-based ice cream. The fully automatical, self-cooling compressor provides constant freezing, the strong motor of the snow white eye catcher allows permanent operation. The full power of ICE CREAM MAKER Snow is shown in the freezing range up to approx. -35°C. And the easy operation makes home made ice cream production a childs play! The anodized ice cream bowl can be removed easily – and makes cleaning a nothing! And the detailled instruction manual offers a variety of recipes – even if you are preparing ice cream for the first time. Creamy, fruity, for sherbet or parfait…

opiekacze, serow, duze miski, cmielow, przyprawy rodzaje, zupa grzybowa z maślaków